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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rice insect pest

Rice is the main stable food in Bangladesh.Rice insect pest is one of the main causes of low yield in Bangladesh.There are 175 insect pest has been identified ,among them 23 species are major.Yield loss due to rice pest.   

Aus - 24%




Pest name:Yellow stem borer          

Scientific name:Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker)  

  1. eggs bare or covered with hairs, laid in masses
  2. neonate larvae suspend themselves from leaves by silken threads and blown to other plants to feed
  3. mature larvae bore into the sheath and tiller of the plant 
  4. presence of frass or fecal matter
Effects on plant : 1.fed-upon tillers
                          2.causes deadheart or drying of the central tiller during the vegetative stage
                           3.causes whiteheads at reproductive stage

Pest name:Rice hispa

Rice hispa
Scientific name: Dicladispa armigera (Olivier)


  1. Scraping of the upper surface of the leaf blade leaving only the lower epidermis as white streaks parallel to the midrib
  2. Tunneling of larvae through leaf tissue causes irregular translucent white patches that are parallel to the leaf veins
  3. Damaged leaves wither off
  4. Damaged leaves turn whitish and membranous
  5. Rice field appears burnt when severely infested

Damaged leaf

Pest name:Rice thrips

Rice thrips
Scientific name: Stenchaetothrips biformis (Bagnall) 

1.Leaves damaged have silvery streaks or yellowish patches 2.Translucent epidermis becomes visible on damaged area
3.Leaves curled from the margin to the middle
4.Leaf tips wither off when severely infested
5.Unfilled grains at panicle stage 

lesf damage

Pest name: Green leafhopper (GLH)

Scientific name:             
Green leaf hopper
Nephotettix virescens (Distant)                      
Nephotettix nigropictus (Stal)
Nephotettix malayanus Ishihara et Kawase
Nephotettix cincticeps (Uhler)


1.  Transmits virus diseases such as tungro, yellow dwarf, yellow-orange leaf, and transitory yellowing
2.Plant stunted and reduced vigor
3.Number of productive tillers reduced
4.Withering or complete plant drying

Damaged by green lesf hopper

Pest name:Grasshopper

grass hopper
Scientific name: Oxya hyla intricata (Stal), 


1.Feeding marks on leaves and shoots
2.Large portions of leaf edges consumed
3.Panicles cut-off

Leaf damage due to grasshopper

Pest name:  Rice bug                               

Scientific name:
Leptocorisa oratorius (Fabricius), L. chinensis (Dallas)

Small or shrivelled grains
Deformed or spotty grains
  • Empty grains
  • Erect panicles

    Grain damage due to rice bug

gall midge
Pest name: Asian rice gall midge    

Scientific name: Orseolia oryzae (Wood-Mason)


Formation of a hollow cavity or tubular gall at the base of the infested tiller
Gall is a silvery white hollow tube, 1 cm wide and 10-30 cm long 
Affected tiller inhibits growth of leaves and fails to produce panicles 
Deformed, wilted, and rolled leaf 
Elongation of leaf sheaths called onion leaf or silvershoot 
Plant stunting

damage by gall midge

Pest name:Mealy bug

Mealy bug
Scientific name:Brevennia rehi (Lindinger) 

Plant stunting 
Yellowish curled leaves 
Damaged spots or chakdhora or soorai disease 
Not uniform pattern of damage

Mealy bug attack

Pest name:Rice caseworm, case bearer
asult case worm

Scientific name: Nymphula depunctalis (Guenee) 


Leaf cases floating on water
Leaves cut at right angles as with a pair of scissors 
Leaves with papery upper epidermis that were fed on 

Skeletonized leaf tissues usually appear ladder-like 


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  2. A very common insect pest in Bangladesh is Rice stem borer. Caterpillar stage of these insect is very destructive. But the destructive stage of Rice Bug is not only the adult stage but also nymphs stage. Also in case of Rice Hispa Both adults and grubs are destructive to rice crops. The destructive stage of Rice Leaf Folder Or Rice Leaf Roller is the larval stage. These 4 are major and economically important insect pests of Bangladesh.

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